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Elite Aerosports



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BDXs CAN SHIP WORLDWIDE AIR FOR $495 !!!!  EMS is estimated about 7 days for delivery.  

You asked for it so we made it!!  The smaller BDX is here!  THE BDXs!

We made the 2M BDXs so that it can break down in small enough boxes that it can air ship worldwide affordably.  No long sea freight wait time!

Inspiration for the BDX design came from the iconic Bede Aircraft BD5 by Jim Bede.  Jim Bede produced many aircraft designs from the 60's and 70's but maybe his most recognizable model was the BD5.  We envisioned what a modern BD5 would look like and brought it to life.  The BDX has far surpassed any of our expectations.  It has exceptional flying characteristics and has been described as like flying on "cheat mode".  Its a point and go model that feels like flying on a simulator.  The BDXs is very versatile flying model that can fly very slow or exceed speeds of 200mph in an instant.  The BDXs is an extremely stable model that makes landings effortless.  We not only reduced the larger model but we added increased wing area so the model flies like a much larger model.


25kg servos and up recommended.

Servo pockets are 20 x 40.

Check out the specs!!


BDXs Specifications:

  • Wingspan: 2.0m / 79 Inches
  • Length: 2.0m / 79 Inches
  • Weight: 21-22
  • Power: 85N-120N

ARF Kit Includes:

  • Hardware
  • Linkages
  • 3.0L Fuel Cell
  • Stainless dual wall thrust pipe
  • JP ER120 Electric landing gear or optional Electron landing gear ER 40 with RB45
  • Standard wing, vertical and horizontal stabilizer covers
  • Carbon Fiber wing and vertical and horizontal tubes

PNP Kit Includes:

  • (8) Pre-installed HV servos 32 kg coreless
  • All linkages installed and connected
  • 3.0L Fuel cell installed and all fuel line ran
  • UAT installed
  • Wire harness
  • Wiring completed with connectors and wire loom. Wiring is labeled and run to equipment tray
  • Installed Stainless dual wall thrust pipe
  • Electron ER 40 landing gear with RB45 controller or JP ER 120 Electric landing gear installed
  • Just add receiver, gyro, turbine, and batteries.
  • Hardware
  • Linkages
  • Stainless dual wall thrust pipe
  • Standard wing, vertical and horizontal stabilizer covers
  • Carbon Fiber wing and vertical and horizontal tubes
  • Some modeling experience is required with PNP products.  Our products are built by skilled factory workers, who are not modelers, so please go over every nut and bolt before flights.
  • turn key services are available.

Kit Features:

  • Extensive Pre-fabrication
  • Painted outside mold with clear coat finish
  • Very light all composite sandwich layup
  • Two-piece fuselage disassembles easily
  • Removable vertical and horizontal stabilizers with one bolt
  • Carbon fiber reinforcement throughout
  • Carbon fiber wing and spar tubes
  • Fuselage, wing, rudder and stab covers
  • Diverse speed envelope, highly maneuverable while maintaining outstanding slow speed performance


  • Introductory ARF price $4495(JP landing gear er120) $4995 (Electron landing gear er40 and RB 45 controller)
  • Introductory PNP price $5595(JP landing gear er120) $6295 (Electron landing gear ER 40 and RB 45 controller)
  • Custom paint schemes available, $500 and up. 

Optional Accessories:

  • Custom Wire Harness for ARF version $299
  • Smoke tank and smoke hardware (not yet available)
  • Digitech UAT $100 Nalgene UAT $40
  • Revoc wing/stab/rudder bags in black, red or grey $350
  • Light sets starting at $350
  • Custom build service $1500 and up depending on options
  • Discount HV servos packages available
  • Kingtech Turbines
  • EMS shipping door to door is $495
  • DHL Shipping is $1070


BDXs schemes here:

 email us for the schemes please


BDX build photos:



 8 full size servos needed for ARF.

BDXs 2M linkages:

Aileron: 80mm.    no grommets.  1.5 inch arm used inner hole

Flap: 60-65mm adjustable.   no grommets.  1 inch arm and used inner hole and cut end of arm off

Elevator: 114mm.   no grommets.  1.5 inch arm used inner hole

Rudder: 108mm.   used grommets.  1.5 inch arm and used inner hole and cut end of arm off

Steering: 47mm.  no grommets.  1 inch arm


BDXs throws:

Aileron: 20MM from tip.  Expo 25%

Elevator: 15MM from tip.  Expo 25%

Flaps: Takeoff: 20-25MM.  Full Flap: 75 to 80MM measured from aileron.  Slow flap system down to 4 seconds.  Mix in 3mm down with full flap.

Rudder 50-55MM.  Expo 15

CG:  Back of wing tube

Build toward the front.  UAT forward.   Batteries in the nose.  Smaller UAT will require some small weight in the nose.  Lead shot in the nose works best and minimal required

Cortex Main Gain: 39 or 37 with 130 newtons

Aileron Gain: 6

Aileron Stick Priority: 15

Aileron Lock in: 7

Elevator Gain: 12

Elevator Stick Priority: 15

Elevator Lock in: 7

Rudder Gain: 16

Rudder Stick Priority: 15

Rudder Lock in: 7

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All composite, carbon fiber reinforced layup. Painted outside the mold with automotive base coat and clear coat. Highly prefinished ARF models requiring very little work to get flying. We also now offer PNP on certain models.


Give us a call or email us if you have more questions reagrding our products.


Shipping available via Air or Sea freight.