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Elite Aerosports



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  • Wingspan: 2.25m / 88.5 inches
  • Length: 2.75m / 108 inches
  • Weight: 40-75Lbs
  • Power: 180-300N

Kit Includes:

  • Hardware
  • High-Flow fuel fittings
  • Conformal fuel cells
  • Stainless dual wall thrust pipe
  • Electron landing gear with GS-200 controller
  • Standard Wing, fin and stab covers


Retractable Electronic Landing Gear suitable for 125lbs max weight.  Gyroscopic braking assist

Fuel capacity 7.0L+  /Diesel, JetA, Kerosene

Max Takeoff weight 125lbs

Payload 10lbs

Max speed 250 knots 

20G maneuverability

Max Endurance 15 min at cruise

Takeoff Roll <500ft/ Landing Roll <500ft

Made of the latest composite sandwich technology

Conformal fuel cell 

Carbon reinforced for strength. Reinforced wing structure

Generous payload area for any instrumentation/equipment layout

Painted outside mold finish with clear coat and customizable paint scheme

Center hinge rudder for precise centering and maximum throw

2 piece fuselage, detachable wings, stabs and fin.  Compact and comes apart quickly and easily for transport

Removable fin and stabs with one bolt.  Removable ventral fins

All carbon fiber laminated formers and equipment tray

Carbon fiber wing tube and spar tubes

Protective Fuse, wing, fin and stab covers included

Reinforced landing gear structure and wings suitable up to 125lbs

Full CAD drawings are available for UAS version at additional cost

Pilot available


 PICARO/UAS Price list

PICARO UAS version which includes electronic retractable landing gear, standard pipe, fuel tank

$23,999.  Includes priority production

Landing gear(included)

conformal fuel cells (included)

Standard pipe(included)

Hardware included




High flow Fuel fittings $150

3/16 high flow Fuel Line $30

8 HV High torque servos $1600

Fuel system UAT $200

Flight System Gyro $299

K210 Kingtech 210 Newton Turbine $3150.00

K260 Kingtech 260 Newton Turbine $3650.00

Jetcat 250 PRO  250 Newton $4675

Jetcat 300 PRO  250 Newton $4998

HD Titanium linkages $100

HD Ball links $75

8 servo arms $75

Wire harness $299

Fuel system vent $20

Festo shut off valve $45

Hysol and nozzles $100

Custom wing, stabs and fin covers $350

Fuse bags $350

Pixhawk 2.1 Standard $299

Here2 or HERE3 GNSS $150

HEX Technology Cube Orange Full Bundle with Here3 GNSS, RFD900X $899

Powerbox Royal SRS redundant power management system with integrated gyro, telemetry and redundancy RX $799

4 HRB 2s 5000mah 7.4V

1 6000 mah 9.9v

Powerbox Core Transmitter $2495

Assemble Picaro UAS $4000

Full CAD drawings $7000

Pilot available for hire.


**********WE CAN ASSEMBLE YOUR UAS***********

We will fully build your UAS and install all equipment.  Model would require final setup by end user.

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All composite, carbon fiber reinforced layup. Painted outside the mold with automotive base coat and clear coat. Highly prefinished ARF models requiring very little work to get flying. We also now offer PNP on certain models.


Give us a call or email us if you have more questions reagrding our products.


Shipping available via Air or Sea freight.