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Elite Aerosports

Electron GS 200 controller

Electron GS 200 controller

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Electron GS 200 controller

 For use with ER 50 only.  


1x GS-200.




  • INTUITIVE FULL COLOR TOUCH SCREEN: Setup any of the controllers features, check the current status or power consumption, update and backup models, all through the intuitive full color touch screen.

  • UNLIMITED POSSIBILITIES OF CONTROL:  Let your imagination run wild, it doesn’t just control retracts brakes and steering, it adds 8 gear door outputs, 10 steps sequencer, integrated gyro for assisted steering and braking, variable ABS, optional bus input and so much more!

  • GYRO ASSIST & SPECIAL BRAKING:  Setup the integrated gyro to assist with steering on takeoff and then straight braking on landing, as well as optional use of brakes to aid steering or choose between the different ABS settings.

  • GEAR SEQUENCER:  With an astounding 8 gear doors, plus the three retracts, this controller gives you a total of 11 elements, each controllable in time in up to 10 positions in each direction, giving you the freedom to design the right sequence for any model.

  • EASY INSTALLATION:  Thanks to it’s light weight and small footprint, you can install pretty much anywhere that is flat without having to worry about space or your models center of gravity.

  • SINGLE OR DUAL CHANNEL MODE:  Short on channels? No problem, use the optional Dual channel mode to control retracts and brakes through a single receiver channel.


********We do not accept returns on Electronic equipment.*********** 

This controller is locked and intended to be used with Electron ER 50 Motors only.

It is intended for replacement on our landing gear that uses ER 50.

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All composite, carbon fiber reinforced layup. Painted outside the mold with automotive base coat and clear coat. Highly prefinished ARF models requiring very little work to get flying. We also now offer PNP on certain models.


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