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Elite Aerosports

EA Vantage

EA Vantage

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Wingspan: 2.74m / 108 Inches

Length: 2.91m / 115 Inches

Weight: 40-42 Lbs

Power: 180N-210N


ARF Kit Includes:



Fuel Fittings

6.5L Fuel Cell

Stainless dual wall thrust pipe

JP ER200 Electric landing gear

Carbon Fiber wing and vertical and horizontal tubes


PNP Kit Includes:

(8) Pre-installed HV servos with an incredible 500 oz in (36kg) of torque.

All linkages installed and connected

6.0L Fuel cell installed with high-flow fittings and all fuel line ran

UAT installed

Wiring completed with MPX connectors and wire loom. Wiring is labeled and run to equipment tray

Installed Stainless dual wall thrust pipe

JP ER 200 Electric landing gear installed

Just add receiver, gyro, turbine and you’re ready to FLY!


Kit Features:

Extensive Pre-fabrication

Painted outside mold with clear coat finish

Very light all composite sandwich layup

Center hinged rudder for precise centering and maximum travel

Two-piece fuselage disassembles easily

Removable vertical and horizontal stabilizers with one bolt

Carbon fiber reinforcement throughout

Carbon fiber wing and spar tubes

Fuselage, wing, rudder and stab covers

Diverse speed envelope, highly maneuverable while maintaining outstanding slow speed performance



 ARF price $6695(JP landing gear) 

 PNP price $8095(JP landing gear only)

Custom paint schemes available, add $500

Sea shipping $800

Air Shipping $2200


Optional Accessories:

Custom Wire Harness for ARF version $350

Smoke tank and smoke hardware $199

Large size UAT $125

Revoc wing/stab/rudder bags in black, red or grey $350

Light sets starting at $350 and up

Custom build service $1500 and up depending on options

JR 8911S BL 2K $189.99

OMG Servos 36 KG $100 each

Kingtech Turbines combo pricing


Servo arm lengths

Aileron 1.5”

Flaps 1.0”

Elevator 1.5”

Rudder 1.5”



276MM from the leading edge

Middle of Wing tube



Aileron: 28mm/from tip.   

Flaps:  full 95mm from aileron.  Mix 3-4mm down ele with full flap. Take off flaps 30mm from aileron.  Slow deploy to 4 seconds.

Elevator: 28mm/  from tip

Rudder:  60mm

Differential: None

These rates were set with Cortex Gyro turned at high gain so it may feel very different without gyro or with other gyro brand



Aileron 25%

Elevator 25%

Rudder 15%


Linkage sizes hole to hole:

Rudder          mm x 1

Aileron          mm x 2

Elevator        mm x 2

Flap               mm x 2

Steering         mm x 1

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All composite, carbon fiber reinforced layup. Painted outside the mold with automotive base coat and clear coat. Highly prefinished ARF models requiring very little work to get flying. We also now offer PNP on certain models.


Give us a call or email us if you have more questions reagrding our products.


Shipping available via Air or Sea freight.