EA Viper Sport

The New Viper Sport is our response to what the market has been asking for; an outstanding model aircraft at a outstanding value for just about all skill levels from the novice jet pilot to advanced. The Viper Sport has a very wide speed envelope, capable of very slow landings and slow flight but still achieves exhilarating high speed flight performance. The Viper Sport’s airfoil in combination with a light wing loading make landings a breeze and still allows for incredible aerobatics. One of the benefits of our Viper Sport is it that it is available in ARF form and also the very popular PNP version. This allows the model to go from un-boxing to the flying field in an incredibly short amount of time with just a few simple steps to complete in between. As with all EA products, our models are tested thoroughly and field proven ensuring your modeling experience with our products is a successful one.



  • Wingspan: 1.97m / 77.5 inches
  • Length: 1.93m / 76 inches
  • Weight: 19-21 Lbs
  • Power: 85-120N

PNP version includes:

  • Pre-made and installed linkages
  • Aluminum Servo Arms
  • Plumbed and installed fuel system including UAT
  • Stainless dual wall thrust pipe Installed
  • Electric landing gear and controller wired and installed
  • 8 HV Servos wired and Installed
  • Standard Wing, fin and stab covers
  • Painted in the mold and cleared paint work

Introductory Price: $3395/ARF and $4395/PNP