EA Havoc (UAV)


  • Wingspan: 2.8m / 110 inches
  • Length: 3.45m / 134 inches
  • Weight: Upto 125Lbs
  • Turbine: 300-400N
  • Retractable Electronic Landing Gear suitable for 125lbs max weight. Gyroscopic braking assist
  • Fuel capacity 6.5L up to 22L+ /Diesel, JetA, Kerosene
  • Max Takeoff weight 125lbs
  • Payload 30lbs +
  • Max speed 200 knots +
  • 20G maneuverability
  • Max Endurance 60 min at cruise
  • Takeoff Roll <500ft/ Landing Roll <500ft
  • Made of the latest composite sandwich technology
  • Confomal fuel cell 22L and up. Specified per request
  • All Carbon layup for strength. Reinforced wing structure
  • Generous payload area for any instrumentation/equipment layout
  • Painted outside mold finish with clear coat and customizable paint scheme
  • Center hinge rudder for precise centering and maximum throw
  • 2 piece fuselage, detachable wings, stabs and fin. Compact and comes apart quickly and easily for transport
  • Removable fin and stabs with one bolt.
  • Reinforced structure and all composite laminated formers
  • Carbon fiber wing tube and spar tubes
  • Fuse, wing, fin and stab covers
  • UAS design for less frontal area for improved performance
  • Specialized Landing gear wheel well and wing structure suitable for 125lbs
  • Full CAD drawings available for UAS version only at additional cost

Contact Scott Marr for pricing and additional information at Scott@eliteaerosports.com