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Already well established and known for the Shockwave sport jet, Elite Aerosports continues to develop and bring to you the latest in high quality models, accessories and also features a Turn-Key build solution for our customers. Along with Elite Aerosports products you will also find products from a variety of top manufacturers. We strive to produce and carry only the highest quality products that have been thoroughly tested by us. We take all the guess work out on what really is the best for your model of choice. If there is a product you don’t see or would like to get more information about, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@eliteaerosports.com


Response to an “onshore” manufacturers recent write-up…

Shockwave-No Signature series required!!!!

100% developed in the USA to be the best sport jet possible.

We are constantly developing and refining numerous aspects of the Shockwave design because at Elite Aerosports we don’t think it is enough to ride upon our reputation. We are very much aware of how much a success the Shockwave has been. We have feedback from pilots around the world, many of which tell us that this is the best sport jet that they have ever flown. This comes from pilots with decades of experience right on through to the club level jet flyers. However, this is not enough for us. We want to develop the Shockwave to be better and better still. We do not want to be drawn into a tit for tat war of words based around comparisons against our comparable jets. We would rather let the flying and outright happy customers do the talking. Recent actions by other manufacturers however, have left us with little choice but to clarify a few important points. We have never hidden the fact that the Shockwave is produced “overseas” and we never will. The simple fact is we want to offer the customer the very best model, at the most affordable price possible. In order to do this, we have employed the services of an “offshore” manufacturer with decades of proven experience in the field having made thousands upon thousands of jets and exotic large models in this class. We are proud to be working with this manufacturer. Their skills have shone through in the ever improving surface finish, and supreme strength of the air frames.

1. Our servo mounts right on to a plywood rib internally. The latest version of the Shockwave has servo pockets that are designed for the high-end and high-torque servos (JR 8911 and such).

2. Our linkage lengths are not defined, this is because we assume a modeler building a model of such a category has the know how and skill to install linkages at the proper length. We recommend metal servo control arms with ball links unlike the inadequate plastic control arms provided with the servo.

3. The Shockwave could have been set up to have an internal rudder linkage but we felt that the extra precision and more importantly the extra security of an external linkage (readily visually inspected) far outweighed the aesthetic benefits of an internal linkage especially when considering that a sport jet of this size is capable of flight speeds in excess of 200MPH. We feel that it is imperative to do anything we can to avoid control surface flutter. To date we have not had a single report of rudder flutter on a Shockwave. Something that can’t be said for other “onshore” jets. We are also yet to see an end user modify the rudder linkage setup on the Shockwave which is also something that can not be said for other “onshore” jets as there have been numerous end users modifying the rudder linkage to an external set up for their peace of mind.

4. We use German manufactured CNC 6061 aluminium landing gear. Unlike the cast landing gear used by “onshore” manufacturers. Our landing gear is designed to absorb and withstand landing loads as best as possible. The trailing link design makes the Shockwave perfectly suited for various not so perfect terrains. Unlike a straight leg setup, the trailing link does not transfer the landing loads straight up into the wing, instead, it absorbs those landing loads and makes landings far less of a harrowing experience. The landing gear layout and positioning has also been optimized for near perfect ground handling. No lightly loaded nose wheels that lead to wayward takeoffs and roll outs.

5. The steering has a direct linkage for the steerable nose wheel. Unlike “onshore” manufacturers which have a complicated and less than ideal steering mechanism. We looked at using the plate mounted gear system, however we felt that while that design may be suited for smaller and lighter models,it is not so well suited for models with a landing weight over 35 LBS. Elite Aerosports stocks all spare parts for our landing gear.

We have witnessed numerous occasions where the plate systems broke as they were designed to, and the subsequent damage caused by the detached undercarriage units became far more significant than it really should have been. On more than one occasion we have seen landings that resulted in major structural repairs and in some cases,the need for new wings and tails requiring repair due to the gear plates departing their mounts. As a result, we chose to invest in developing a unique set of gear that would absorb the landing loads better than the straight leg Oleos thus minimizing the additional damage during a less than ideal landing.

6. Gear mounts. Once again, we’d rather depend on a gear design that absorbs the landing loads rather than transferring them directly to the mounts and wings. We have witnessed the Shockwave roll away from not so perfect landings and fly again immediately after these landings. We use carbon fiber molded wheel wells and gear mounts. In other words, no cut-out wing pocket exposing the wing structure. The design of our Carbon molded wheel wells creates an incredibly strong landing gear area.

7. We use a larger than usual carbon fiber bypass for proper air volume and cooling. This allows us the ability to fit a variety of turbine sizes which have zero cooling issues.

8. We use a much larger gap between the inner and outer wall of the tail pipe for proper cooling. In conjunction with the properly designed bypass, this eliminates the need for any unsightly additional NACA cooling holes such as those seen on “onshore” jets.

9. We were the first manufacturer using the proper fuel size fittings for our fuel cells. After observing many modelers deadstick and/or crash as a result of an inadequate fuel system we decided to use Tom Cook’s original “hi-flow” fuel fittings. Unlike some “onshore” manufacturers, our system is included standard in every kit.

10. Access and serviceability. The Shockwave was developed by pilots for pilots. Team Elite flies harder, lower and more aggressively than most demonstration outfits out there. All of this experience runs through to the end product. We made the Shockwave to be the ultimate flying airplane. The best sport jet on the market hands down. Proven with performance.

11. Fit and Finish. As part of the constant evolution of the Shockwave, the latest versions are now de-seamed and feature painted finishes with highly metallic colors. There is no need for unsightly and mismatched anti-glare strips to hide the ugly seam.

Elite Aerosports is a team not a one man show. We understand and appreciate how many people it has taken to get the Shockwave to where it is now. We take input from some of the best pilots from around the world as well as from our everyday club modeler. We are grateful for all their input. We don’t feel the need to try and add value to a model by applying a signature to the side of an airframe. We let the flying and most importantly our customers do the talking. THAT is where our value lies. We not only love what we do, it is our passion before it is our business.

Thanks for reading,

Team Elite Aerosports